A Game Media Presents: Uplifting Young Black Voices

A-Game Media
3 min readFeb 15, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, A Game Media will be hosting a live stream with the theme of “Uplifting Young Black Voices” this upcoming Thursday at 6 PM PST on our Youtube Channel.

Before the actual live stream, we wanted to highlight each of our panelists!

#1. Jordan Dyson

Jordan is an East Bay native, a CSU Long Beach graduate who has turned towards physical fitness, financial literacy, creativity, and liberation within the black community. Currently learning investing, Bitcoin, and trading markets, while staying true to his athletic roots he has partnered with his family to open a training facility in the east bay. This is just the beginning, with him poised to enter the entertainment field he truly believes possibilities are endless.

#2. Jonathan Epps

Jonathan graduated from Morehouse College in 2019 as Valedictorian and was awarded a Fulbright ETA grant to Brazil for the 2019–2020 application cycle. At Morehouse, Jonathan served as a UPS Community Service Scholar at Fickett Elementary School, tutoring/mentoring elementary schoolers for
over 150 hours per semester, as well as a peer tutor in Political Science in the Douglas Academic Resource Center. In his free time, Jonathan likes to spend time with friends, listen to good music (shoutout to Kendrick Lamar), and binge on the new Netflix series.

#3. Gyanai Grant

Gyanai Grant is a Bay Area Native and a Berkeley City College student. As of recently, Gyanai had moved to San Diego California where she is in the transition to attend San Diego State to complete her BSN degree. Besides being a full-time student she is the Co-founder of Mary’s Healthy Haven which is a transitional sober living facility dedicated to helping women elevate themselves back into society. When Gyanai is not working on her business she likes to give back to the community as much as possible by volunteering at different care homes and facilities. When all the fun work is done Gyanai is also a dedicated new plant mom, Netflix fanatic, and a part-time baker and is always excited to meet and connect with people she meets.