Becoming the Best Version of Myself: Insights from Bret Fouche

The A-Game Team recently had a chance to have Bret visit our podcast The UnAthletic. Bret had a chance to speak about his journey as a Real Estate agent, and some of his experiences having Professional Athletes as clients.

In addition to the episode, we wanted to provide our audience with a little more spotlight on who Bret is, as well as what are some of his interests are.

1). What is your favorite book of all time?

My favorite book would be Dante’s Inferno, the original writing.

2). Who has been the biggest mentor in your career?

The biggest Mentor in my career would probably be Gary Keller, who owns Keller Williams Realty.

3). Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration, number one, from my family which is my main source of motivation, as well as the world around me, both negative and positive. I would say more so from the negativity because it gives me perspective on what I want my life to mean, and who I want to be in this world as an inspiration to others.

4). What’s next for Bret?

What’s next for me is focusing on our team, getting my broker’s license, making my mark in the luxury division, as well as branching out more into commercial sales.

5). Ultimately what brings out your A-Game?

What ultimately brings out my A-Game is the excitement and challenge of whatever I’m doing. If it’s regarding real estate, it’s creating out of the box solutions for difficult situations. When it comes to my health and fitness, it’s about becoming the best version of myself that I can be. When it comes to my family, it’s about being the best husband and father I can possibly be. All that gives me great inspiration.

To learn more about Bret, tune in to our latest episode on both Spotify & Itunes.






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