A Game Talks: Season 2 Preview

After a lot of great lessons and guidance, we are excited for Season 2 of A-Game Talks to launch this upcoming week. Below are the 3 biggest things the A-Game Team is excited for our audience to view.

1). Our guest speakers really embody the mission of A-Game of highlighting universal excellence. From Entrepreneurs to Social Media Stars to Content Creators across the world, there are some exciting stories to be told this season as each of them brings out their respective A-Game.

2). The conversations with each guest really go more In-Depth and flow seamlessly. With the various topics that we cover combined with more polished interviewing skills, our audience is in for a treat!

3). The overall promotion and branding this upcoming season has improved a lot. With last year being our first year we learned so much from feedback and analytics to really grow our presence as well the quality of content we put out.

To catch Season 2 of A Game Talks follow us on Spotify and iTunes!!




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