Meet The Team: Jack Huang

A-Game Media
2 min readFeb 8, 2021

As we kick off Season 2 of A-Game Media later on this month, we wanted to take the time to shed some spotlight on each of our team members who do a lot of work behind the scenes to make things happen for A-Game.

We are kicking this segment off with Jack, our Web Developer whose been on the team since last summer. He is currently a sophomore at UC Riverside majoring in Computer Science.

1). Favorite type of food?

My favorite food definitely has to be Pho. It’s perfect for any meal of the day and never fails to fill me up.

2). Outside of school, can you name some of your favorite hobbies?

One of my favorite hobbies is playing squash. For those unfamiliar, it’s a high-intensity sport that’s a mix between tennis and wallball. It’s a full-body workout, so I suppose that’s my excuse for skipping leg day.

3). What drew you to A-Game?

After meeting Ahira and Ahdi for the first time, it was clear to see that they were passionate about A-Game and the future. This motivated me to be a part of their journey, and the rest is history.

4). How was it the adjustment with a virtual internship?

It was a rough transition, but it helped that I already had to be virtual for my school. I am forever grateful for technology as it helped us stay connected and feel like an in-person internship.

5). In what ways have you grown from this experience?

I learned a lot about my abilities and working with other people in a work environment. As a computer science major, it’s important to be a well-rounded person, not only in coding but in communicating with others and developing a product for them.

6). Favorite moment with A- Game team so far?

I don’t have a single favorite moment, rather it was the weekly team meetings that really allowed for everyone to be vulnerable and authentic with one another. I’ve created a great relationship with everyone on the team and I’m forever grateful for all they’ve done for me.

7). What brings out your A-Game?

Having a go-getter mindset for everything in life has helped me discover new opportunities and learn new skills.