Reinventing Yourself: Joe Fotu

A-Game Media
2 min readAug 27, 2020


The A-Game Team will be hosting their first Youtube Live this Saturday (8/29) at 12 pm PST on the topic of What’s Your Plan B.

Our next guest speaker on the panel is Joe Fotu, an Oakland native who played college football at the University of Illinois.

Post-college, Joe has worked in Recruiting and recently launched FrontLine Mentality.

Prior to Saturday’s event, we wanted to take the chance to shed some spotlight on who Joe is as a person and what initially drew him to sports.

1) When did you first start playing football?

I started playing flag football in the 7th grade and contact football during my freshman year in high school.

2) What drew you to the game of football?

Depression, frustration, and darkness drew me to football. I never grew up wanting to be an NFL Player and never played football as a kid like a lot of peers did. I went through some life-changing moments that caused my mom to put me in flag football in order for me to stay distracted from the depressing, frustrating, dark place I was in.

3) How did you know it was time to hang it up?

As soon as I finished my senior year in college ended, I knew that the game wasn't for me anymore.

4) How can other athletes invest in themselves to figure out what’s next after sports?

The thing I tell people, especially athletes is to believe in your vision and don't let anyone play you!

5) Ultimately what brings out your A-Game?

What brings out my A-Game is when people doubt me and my people.

To learn more about Joe, tune in to our Youtube Live this upcoming Saturday!!