True To The Game: Cameron Oliver

A-Game Media
2 min readAug 28, 2020

The A-Game Team will be hosting their first Youtube Live this Saturday (8/29) at 12 pm PST on the topic of What’s Your Plan B.

Our next guest speaker on the panel is Cameron Oliver, a Sacramento native who played college basketball at the University of Nevada.

Post-college, Cameron has pursued opportunities to play professional basketball, including stints with the NBA G-League, Australia & Israel.

In addition to this career, Cameron is officially apart of the A-Game Team as a podcast host for The UnAthletic.

Prior to Saturday’s event, we wanted to take the chance to shed some spotlight on who Cameron is as a person and what initially drew him to sports.

1). When did you first start playing basketball?

I really started playing organized basketball until like 6th grade at Bancroft Middle School, but after that, I start playing more and more but it was other sports I played.

2). What drew you to the game of basketball?

I always sort of been apart basketball just because my whole family played, down my Dad, and to all my brothers. So technically my family is a basketball really a basketball family.

3). How have you been able to pivot and make tough decisions to keep your dream alive?

Well first off I think it’s just the Never Quit type of attitude, no matter what adversity hits just have to learn how to bounce back 10x harder than before. When you from Oakland you don’t back down from a challenge

4). How can other hoopers invest in themselves to figure out what’s after sports?

You start off already when you not playing the sport your playing. Your free time is the perfect time to invest in yourself because anything is possible and things can be taken away from you and it’s always best to have something to fall back on.

5). Ultimately what brings out your A-Game?

I feel like being the underdog brings out my A Game personally just because you focus so much on proving something and that considers focus, effort, and energy and those are 3 simple things that only you can control. A Game is all self-control!

To learn more about Cameron, tune in to our Youtube Live this upcoming Saturday!!