UnderDogs Into Winners Season 2: Alvin Meledath

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5 min readSep 20, 2020

The A-Game Team and Wonsulting are back with the third live stream of Season 2 of UnderDogs Into Winners with Alvin Meledath.

Alvin recently completed his MBA from Vancouver Island University & MS in International Management from the University of Hertfordshire.

Post-graduation, he now works at Bell in Client Success & has done a tremendous job as the Community Lead for Wonsulting.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday @11am PST on A-Game’s Youtube Channel.

Prior to Saturday’s event, we wanted to take the chance to shed some spotlight on who Alvin is as a person along with some of his interests.

1). What is your favorite book of all time? Why?

Books have always been such an important part of my youth and still play an essential role in my journey to learn and grow. My favorite book of all time is the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien. His ability to create a world, languages, characters, and emotion blew me away and introduced me to the true potential of the human mind.

As a true book lover and an advocate for personal development I would need to mention Tipping Point, a book by Malcolm Gladwell, that helped me realize how winning has many different formulas but what do you do when you tip? Do you fall, do you rise? It has stories that take you through the journey of businesses making it and how that is not the destination but the beginning of a new chapter. This helped me realize that when we set goals we forget to understand that growth and winning is an ongoing process there is no one win or point of success, it’s an ongoing journey.

2). Who has been the biggest mentor in your career?

This is such an important question and I feel that mentorship has been an integral part of who I have become. I’ve had mentors who have been there for me at different places of my life but the mentor who has helped me realize the winning mentality, truly find my voice, and build a community where we turn underdogs into winners each day is Jonathan Javier. His passion, kindness, and love for what he does truly inspires everyone. He has helped me in my journey of growth and is a constant support system that helps me and the community realize that no dream is too big or impossible to reach. And I am so grateful to him for his love, acceptance, and support along with the whole Wonsulting family for helping us win together.

3). How do you always stay positive?

I can be honest and say that I am not always positive. I have days of anxiety, uncertainty, and uncertainty. But one thing that truly does help me stay committed to what I do and think is to realize that this circumstance or feeling will pass. And that I am here to learn, fail, and grow. I try to do the best I can, some things are just out of your control. I think positivity for me is the idea of growth, a mindset that is open to finding opportunities and good in most things because I have made peace with the process of moving forward.

I don’t try fighting or getting upset when things aren’t how I expect them to be. I actively practice just being grateful for having the opportunity to have experiences and realize that things may not always be how I want them to be. But to be on the journey to achieve something I want is something I am truly thankful for and that to me is my version of positivity and uplifting mindset.

4). What advice do you have for college students to get started with their personal brand?

My advice would be to start learning more about yourself, who you are, what do you offer, along with how that ties into your values and goals. After that, take the first step because you only learn when you try and fail. The journey towards brand building is never meant to be perfect on the first go. As you grow so will your personal brand through your experiences and learnings. So be open to change and to building that deep relationship between documenting, sharing, and adding value.

My brand focuses on empowering the community through winning as one my hashtag #WinWithAlvin resonates with the idea that winning does not have to be an experience that you do alone but something you can achieve and do as a collective. This is connected with my professional journey of wanting to provide success to clients both through building and managing relationships and projects while adding value to them. It also aligns with my personal journey as since 16 I have always volunteered and supported others through my work and believe that it is important or us to move forward together as a community and not leave others behind in the process. Everyone deserves an opportunity to grow and find their path.

5). In what ways are you a different person during COVID?

Being a COVID graduate has had its fair share of ups and downs. Being international and away from home has made the experience further challenging because I am often concerned about my family. However, dealing with change has made me resilient and grateful for each small win. It’s also helped me realize the power of community and how during these difficult times us coming together to host webinars, workshops, and creating supportive content can go a long way.

I’ve been able to learn more about myself and the power of building relationships through this journey which has now helped me become a more rounded person.

6). How has your experience been being a part of the Wonsulting team this far?

It’s been transformational and humbling to be surrounded by powerful leaders who are all committed to helping underdogs win. To be able to host webinars with global industry leaders, provide resources, and help others find opportunities to grow and succeed especially during these difficult times.

Being part of the team has helped me find a new family, where I am accepted and empowered to be myself and support others through my voice and work. I am very excited to continue to support others and uplift them through our initiatives and new projects.

7). Ultimately what brings out your A-Game?

The realization that my journey doesn’t have to be just mine. It could be a platform to support and uplift others in their journey too, this is what helps me bring my A-Game. No barrier is too difficult to overcome when we support one another. If you need support or are looking for direction do feel free to reach out to me, always happy to help, and support others to find their voice and A-Game too.

Let’s win together and support one another to find our shine. You got this!

To learn more about Alvin, tune in to our Youtube Live this upcoming Saturday at 11 am!!